LaPolt Law, P.C. is a full service entertainment law firm which handles all transactional and business aspects of the entertainment industry, including but not limited to music, film, television, book publishing, merchandising, and radio.


LaPolt Law, P.C. handles all types of issues pertaining to the United States Copyright Act as well as all transactional aspects of the music industry business - from negotiating and preparing agreements, to assisting clients with making crucial creative and financial decisions that will benefit them in innumerable ways.

We represent recording artists, producers, personal managers, independent record companies, publishing companies; songwriters and copyright owners and controllers in all aspects of music publishing, including copyrighting, copyright administration, licensing and fee negotiations; all aspects of music pertaining to the Internet such as digital downloading and music distributed and/or streamed via the Internet.

We also represent music industry professionals and executives in connection with their employment agreements with record labels, publishing companies, production companies, publicists and publicity companies, and other music-related firms.

In addition, we handle the contractual aspects of concert tours, which include artist ‘tour riders,' agreements with promoters, sound and light companies, stage designers, insurance companies, concert halls and ticket agencies, and agreements relating to tour sponsorship and artist endorsements.

Some of the contracts we draft, review, and negotiate in the music industry include:

  • Recording agreements
  • Publishing agreements
  • Soundtrack agreements and all types of agreements pertaining to film and TV
  • Producer agreements
  • Production agreements
  • Merchandising agreements
  • Management agreements
  • Concert tours
  • Concert sponsorship agreements
  • Artist endorsement agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Video director and production company agreements

All types of agreements pertaining to the digital distribution of music via the Internet such as downloading, streaming, and webcasting.



In addition to music law, the attorneys at LaPolt Law, P.C also represent producers, production companies, major film and television writers and performers, directors, actors, models, spokespeople, independent film distributors, and all other people and entities whose business pertains to the film and television industries.

We advise our clients on all their professional and personal legal needs, including such diverse areas as their corporate structure and finance, talent agreements, literary and screenplay sales and acquisition agreements, co-productions, and production legal issues. We work hand in hand with personal managers, talent agencies, business managers and accountants, and other consultants such as independent marketing and sales executives.

Some of the contracts we draft, review, and negotiate in the film and television industry include:

  • Producer agreements
  • Production agreements
  • Actor agreements
  • Writer agreements
  • Option agreements
  • Director agreements
  • Rights & acquisition agreements
  • Video production agreements
  • Financing agreements
  • Distribution agreements


We represent book authors and we review and negotiate agreements with both major and independent book publishers on their behalf. Additionally, we advise producers, playwrights, composers and others in connection with their business negotiations in the theater.



We represent and negotiate agreements on behalf of merchandise companies in connection with their creation, manufacture, and distribution of products containing the name and likeness of various celebrities, including recording artists, sports figures, and actors.


We represent and negotiate agreements on behalf of ‘on air' talent and programming executives in connection with the rendering of their services on both terrestrial and Internet radio stations.


We represent and negotiate agreements on behalf of executives at various companies including, but not limited to major and independent labels and tech companies.